The Artist accepts both public and private commissions.
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Commissioning a Sculpture can be a daunting experience. The many aspects of creating commissioned art often include:

  • working with committees
  • staying within a budget
  • working within a timeframe
  • overseeing site preparation, installation
  • lighting and landscaping

It is my goal to help you through this process and create a work of art that fulfills the vision of the client(s). The whole project should be a “marriage” between the client’s ideas and the artist’s interpretation of those ideas. As an artist, I prefer to work with the client and design a sculpture that is unique to that client as well as to the specific location that the piece will eventually be installed. I welcome client involvement in every aspect of the project. I have listed below; the process by which the artist and client work as a team and hope that it will give you a better understanding about how this process takes place.

Initially the artist and client(s) get together to discuss the commission in general terms, covering details such as location, size, materials and any ideas concerning what the sculpture should look like. The client may have and idea or direction in mind already or may choose to let the artist come up with ideas of her own.

If there is a specific site for the sculpture, it is helpful to either visit the site or see photographs. Successful sculpture should be a natural element in its environment.

The artist will take this information and create several drawings or “maquettes” (small clay models of the proposed sculpture). Working with a maquette assures that the artist and the client shares the same vision.

The actual sculpture will begin once the design is approved. The first stage is to create the sculpture in clay with the appropriate size specifications.

The client is encouraged to visit the studio whenever possible through visits to the studio or photographs, it is important to include the client in as much of the process as they wish to be. In the case of portrait work, the subject may be asked to come for several “sittings” to ensure accuracy. Or the portrait can be created posthumously from photographs.

Once the sculpture is completed in clay and the client has approved the piece, it is ready to be fired in the kiln or taken to the foundry and cast in bronze. At the foundry, the artist supervises all aspects of the casting.

Preparation of the site and installation of the sculpture is the final step. The client may also desire to have a dedication plaque placed with the sculpture.

Contract and Payment Process

The Artist will provide a contract for the Sculpture Commission. This contract will cover all aspects from design to installation and will outline the payment schedule, installation and delivery of the final sculpture. The client is encouraged to review the contract and make any necessary adjustments.

In general, the contract is signed upon design approval. The payments are made as the sculpture progresses and are usually broken down into 3-5 installments.

Each sculpture is unique, with its own sets of parameters. Contracts and payment schedules can be altered to meet the needs of all parties involved.